6 museums in Sabina

museums in sabina

In the past months we have talked about the wonderful villages that you can find in our area. Today we want you to discover the museums in Sabina to visit if you are nearby.

At La Sabina nel Cuore we love our territory and we want you to discover all the wonders that characterize it, hoping to arouse a pinch of curiosity in you.

Let’s see together some of the museums in Sabina that you absolutely must visit at least once in your life.

The Archaeological Museum of Fara in Sabina

We have previously talked about this museum on the article concerning the village of Fara in Sabina and we believe it is one of the most beautiful museums in Sabina.

If you are nearby, or have decided to take a walk around the village, you should definitely visit the Civic Archaeological Museum: inside it tells the story of our territory from prehistoric times to Romanization.

The main protagonist of the museum is the throne of tomb 36 in Colle del Forno.

The Museum of Silence

In Fara in Sabina you can visit also the Museum of Silence.

This museum is located inside the Monastery of the Clarisse Hermit and tells the story of the daily life of the cloistered nuns. The main protagonist of this museum: silence.

Some of the main themes that were chosen to represent the life of the nuns: silence, prayer, cooking, pharmacy.


The Sabina Oil Museum

We have also previously talked about this museum. The Sabina Oil Museum is located in Castelnuovo di Farfa and is absolutely one of the museums in Sabina to visit if you are nearby.

Inside the rooms of this museum you will find works by the Sardinian artist Maria Lai.

The path you will follow, thanks to one of the museum guides, will allow you to discover how the oil was once produced in Sabina.


museums in sabina

Territorial Museum of Agro Foronovaro

The Territorial Museum of Agro Foronovaro (link here) is actually a consortium made up of 15 municipalities in the province of Rieti. The Municipalities have decided to set up the consortium with the desire to enhance the cultural heritage found in our territory.

The museum does not have a real seat but operates in the province of Rieti area. The main purpose is the enhancement of the artistic, historical, architectural and anthropological territory.

Widespread Museum of Peasant Life

Among the museums in Sabina to visit you cannot miss the widespread museum of peasant life.

This museum is developed within the village of Posticciola. We have previously talked about this village in an article (you can find it here).

Walking around the town, you will be able to discover all the tools and uses that once characterized peasant life.

In total there are 14 stations to go through, in this widespread museum, and then you will arrive in a small museum dedicated to rural activities.


Arts and Crafts Museum

The museum of arts and crafts is located in Poggio Mirteto. Inside are exhibited objects that tell the daily life of past generations.

Two local citizens collected and restored the objects, in order to allow visitors to see their functionality.

The exhibits are also evidence of arts and crafts that have now disappeared.

You can find the link here.

We recommend you to visit the museums’ websites before going to the facility. In this way you will have all the information you need. Some museums require a reservation during this period, while others are open only on certain days of the week.

We would like to clarify that, fortunately, the Sabina is full of wonders and museums to discover. Today we have decided to focus attention on museums that we believe to be interesting.

We will surprise you soon with a new interesting article.

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