The Turano Lake

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The Turano Lake is an artificial lake created in the Rieti basin, not too far from the city of Rieti.

This hydroelectric basin was built in 1939 with the construction of the Turano dam; with the aim of producing hydroelectric energy.

If you are in the surrounding area, and it is a beautiful sunny day, we absolutely recommend you to dedicate time to the small villages on the lake or take a nice walk along the lake.

Here you can find many accommodation and facilities which, especially during the summer, offer the opportunity to fully enjoy the wonders of the lake.

There are several villages that are located near the Turano Lake and which offer a wonderful lake view.

Turano Lake

The villages of Turano Lake:


Ascrea is a small village on Lake Turano which has about 300 inhabitants. The peculiarity of this village, in addition to the proximity to the Turano lake, is the historic center. Walking through the village you can notice the medieval influence.

Its main monument is the Parish of San Nicola di Bari. This fifteenth-century church houses two beautiful paintings depicting the Madonna del Rosario and San Nicola.

As you well know, we at La Sabina nel Cuore are gourmets. The Ascrea Proloco organizes every year the asparagus festival (in spring) and the fettuccine festival (in August). In autumn, however, the Chestnut Festival is organized.


Stipes is a fraction of Ascrea which is located slightly further from the Turano lake. This small village has a wonderful view of the lake from above.

The historic center is very small but characteristic and the natural landscape that surrounds it is truly a marvel. Take some time to take a short stop and walk.

Paganico Sabino

Not too far from Ascrea you can find Paganico Sabino. This small village also offers a wonderful view of the Turano lake. The historic center does not offer particular attractions but the surrounding natural landscape is certainly worth a nice visit.

Here it is absolutely worth mentioning the “Fonte dell’Acqua Santa”: a particular source. In fact, it seems that this source is “intermittent”: the water only gushes out at specific times of the day and at different temperatures.

Castel di Tora

Among the towns of Lake Turano, Castel di Tora offers one of the most beautiful views of the lake. This medieval village is truly characteristic and deserves a little stop if you are on the Turano lake for a relaxing day.

The village is located within the Monte Navegna and Monte Cervia Nature Reserve and offers, in addition to the wonderful lake view, a natural landscape to be admired; the village is, in fact, surrounded by woods.

Here it is possible to carry out different types of activities: sport fishing, trekking, horse riding, mountain biking, etc.

If you want to take a nice walk, we recommend you visit the Vallocchie waterfalls.

Colle di Tora

Colle di Tora is a town on the Turano lake whose characteristic are the white houses.

In addition to the wonderful view of the lake, the village of Colle di Tora offers interesting attractions. If you are in the surrounding area, you should definitely visit the church of Santa Anatolia and the remains of the Roman sepulcher.

Very famous and typical of the place are the PAT pea beans, a legume grown in this area.


Posticciola is the village located near the dam of Lake Turano. This village is a fraction of Rocca Sinibalda, just recently we told you about the wonderful castle of this Sabine town.

Here you must absolutely visit the old bridge and the church of Santa Maria Assunta Immacolata which is located in the center of the town.

At La Sabina nel Cuore we are very keen on enhancing the area and we hope to have whetted your curiosity, the Turano Lake and the surrounding villages are truly wonderful.

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