Typical dishes of Sabina

piatti tipici della sabina

Today we want to talk you about some typical dishes of Sabina. If you are in the area, and you have decided to taste some typical dishes, you absolutely must try them.

At La Sabina nel Cuore we are gourmets, we love eating and we believe that tasting the typical dishes of the Sabina is an experience to do if you are in Sabina.

Let’s see some of them:

Fregnacce alla Sabinese

Among the typical dishes of the Sabina, to be tasted absolutely, there are the fregnacce alla Sabinese: a type of fresh pasta very similar to maltagliati.

The sauce of this pasta is a sauce with mixed mushrooms and black olives, all enriched with pecorino romano or parmesan.

typical dishes of Sabina

Fregnacce con la persa

The fregnacce con la persa are the typical dish of Castelnuovo di Farfa. As already specified above: fregnacce are an egg pasta similar to maltagliati. The persa is actually the marjoram, typically so called in the village.

The dressing is very simple: oil and garlic base with marjoram leaves.

In Castelnuovo di Farfa, every August, the festival of Fregnacce with the Persa is celebrated.

Sabinese chicken

Another of the typical dishes of Sabina, to be tasted/prepared at least once in a lifetime, is the Sabinese chicken. This dish is also very simple. The main ingredients are: black and green olives, capers, tomato and chicken.

The Fallone

The fallone is a rustic dish of peasant cuisine, typical of Stimigliano. It is a kind of calzone (bread dough) filled with aromatic herbs and seasoned with D.O.P. of Sabina.

Ciambelline al vino

The wine donuts (ciambelline al vino) are a typical sabine dessert that is very simple to prepare. So called because they have the shape of a small donut.

The ingredients: oil, wine, flour and sugar. Some add anise.

typical dishes of sabina

The Sagne Scandrigliesi

The typical dishes of the Sabina include the Sagne Scandrigliesi. In Scandriglia, every August, the festival of sagne is celebrated.

These are homemade fettuccine topped with a meat sauce: pancetta, guanciale, finely sliced beef.

Maccaroni a Fezze

The Maccaroni a fezze are a type of fresh pasta (water, eggs and flour) typical of the peasant culture of the lower Sabina.

They are usually seasoned with a mixed meat sauce or with a pesto of oil, garlic and marjoram.

typical dishes of sabina

Crostata di Visciole

Among the typical dishes of Sabina we find the “crostata di visciole”. The base is a simple pastry covered with “visciole” jam. Visciole are a Sabina fruit very similar to cherries, with a slightly sour taste.

typical dishes of sabina

I pizzicotti

Pizzicotti are a type of pasta, typical of Contigliano. It is a homemade pasta made with bread/pizza dough.

They are usually seasoned with a sauce of tomato, garlic, chilli and black olives.

Strengozzi alla Reatina

The last of the typical dishes of Sabina, which we want to talk you about today, are the strengozzi alla reatina. A typical pasta made with water, salt and flour, rolled out with a rolling pin and cut into strips.

The dressing consists of: ham fat, olive oil and chilli. In some variations, fresh peas are added.

Obviously, the Sabina offers a vast amount of typical dishes. Today we have described just some of the delicious dishes that you can taste if you are in our area.

We will make sure to make you discover new typical dishes of the Sabina as soon as possible.

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