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Bocchignano is a small village in the Sabina that deserves a visit if you are near Poggio Mirteto. The village is a fraction of the municipality of Montopoli di Sabina.

At la Sabina nel Cuore we love the Sabine area and we want you to discover all the beauties that surround us.

Bocchignano is one of the oldest villages and castles in the Sabina. The first evidence of Bocchignano’s existence dates back to 939 with the transfer of part of the castle to the Abbey of Farfa.


The historical center

This village is really small but you should definitely take a walk inside the town and enjoy the wonderful stone houses that characterize it.

To enter the historic center of Bocchignano you will have to go through the stone door which, in ancient times, was defended by a drawbridge.


The church of San Giovanni Battista

Walking through the village you will arrive at Piazza della Pollarola where you can admire the parish church of San Giovanni Battista; fifteenth-century church.

An interesting curiosity about this church are the engravings of the symbol of the Triple Wall. Outside the church and bell tower, and in the immediate vicinity, you will find this symbol.

Guadagni Palace

Continuing to walk through Bocchignano, not too far from the church of San Giovanni Battista, you can find Guadagni Palace.

It is assumed that the palace stands on the ruins of the “Castello delle Tre Torrette”, dating back to the 12th century. According to the testimonies, the Castle was built, on the will of Rome, to better dominate Montopoli di Sabina.

The building was rebuilt in the 1700s and currently has the main floor and the basement.

Moreover, more recently, the building was restored by the Ambassador Mario Bondioli.

The mountain of Bocchignano

If you are a nature lover and want to immerse yourself completely in the Sabine area, we recommend you to take a nice walk through the surrounding woods. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the silence and the wonderful landscape that frames the village of Bocchignano.


There are several villages that you can reach by car from Bocchignano. The closest is Poggio Mirteto. We recently told you about this village and its wonders.

Farfa, Fara in Sabina and Castelnuovo di Farfa are also very characteristic and interesting to visit. The villages are reachable by car and are worth a visit if you are in Sabina for the weekend.

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