Greccio – english version


Greccio is a wonderful village in central Italy, located not too far from Rieti, which we adore.

At La Sabina nel Cuore we care about the enhancement of the Sabine territory and we believe that Greccio is a village to visit absolutely.

This village, known throughout Italy for its wonderful nativity scenes and sanctuaries, is home to several interesting attractions that you absolutely must visit if you are nearby.


The historic center of Greccio is a wonderful medieval testimony within which you will be able to find the remains of the ancient castle, dating back to the 11th century. Take some time and admire the wonderful houses that characterize the city center of this village.

Inside the historic center of Greccio you will be able to admire the wonderful Baroque church of S. Maria del Giglio, which dominates the main square, and the parish church of San Michele Arcangelo.

The path of the artists

Walking through the historic center of Greccio you will be able to admire the 26 works created by international artists; on the walls of the old houses of the village. This open-air contemporary art museum expresses, with its works, the spirit of Franciscanism in the world.

The Museum of Nativity Scenes

Not too far from the historic center you can find the Nativity scene museum. Here you can admire a variety of nativity scenes by different contemporary artists.

You will also have the opportunity to admire a 5-meter statue, representing St. Francis of Assisi, made by Santo Paolo Guccione and Guido Carlucci.

The Sanctuary of Greccio

The sanctuary of Greccio is a marvelous architectural complex known all over the world. The “Cappella del Presepio”, built in 1228, is the focal point of this Sanctuary.

The Chapel was built on the cave where, in 1223, St. Francis of Assisi had represented, for the first time, the birth of Jesus; thus establishing the first Nativity scene.


The Cappelletta

According to historical evidence, the “Cappelletta” was built on the first place where St. Francis of Assisi lived in Greccio.

This building was built in 1712 by the will of Pope Clement XI in memory of Saint Francis of Assisi.

In addition to visiting the “Cappelletta”, we advise you to admire the wonderful panorama that turns over the Reatina Valley. It is said that, on sunny days, you can even see the dome of St. Peter in Rome.

The MACS Museum of Greccio

Inside the halls of the old town hall, you can find the MACS (Museum of Contemporary Art of Sensorialism). In 2012, the painter Guido Carlucci founded the movement. Over the years the painter has organized painting and sculpture exhibitions of Italian and foreign painters who joined the movement.

Among the artists present we can find Santo Paolo Guccione, with whom Guido Carlucci created the statue of San Francesco we have previously talked about.

Natural beauties – Fonte Lupetta

Among the beauties of Greccio we cannot help but mention the natural beauty of Fonte Lupetta. In Greccio there are several water sources including that of the mineral water of Fonte Lupetta, which springs from Monte Peschio.

This natural beauty is located on the highest point of the village and deserves to be visited if you want to take a walk immersed in the green Sabine.

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