14 small steps to make a move

Move out

Do you need to move but you don’t know where to start? Today we give you some useful little tips to organize your move in 14 small steps.

Moving can be really stressful if you don’t organize everything down to the smallest detail.

Do not reduce yourself to the last minute, it is good to organize your time in the best possible way so that you have everything ready and in order before moving to your new home.

1.Choose the right company

If the new home is far away and you need a transport company, it is good to do some research online or even ask to an agency.

For example, if you have just purchased a new property through a real estate agency, you can ask them to recommend a company. Organization is the basis of everything!

  1. “Do it yourself” move

If you have decided to carry out a “do it yourself” move, plan well the size of the boxes and your time.

Don’t have a car that can carry all your boxes? Rent a van or vehicle that allows you to safely take all your belongings to your new home.

  1. Organize the boxes by rooms

When moving house it is good to organize and pack the boxes by dividing the objects according to the rooms in which they will have to be relocated in your new home.

  1. Start with the items you use the least

Don’t reduce yourself to the last! Start making boxes by putting away the items you use least: frames, clothes you don’t wear, kitchen utensils, etc.

  1. Don’t make boxes too heavy

If you have decided to do a “do it yourself” move, but even if you have decided to rely on a transport company, we advise you not to make boxes that are too heavy or too large.

In this way the new house will not be in disorder and you will be able to empty the boxes little by little.

  1. Store the boxes in a room

Moving is stressful and time-consuming.

You can take a day or two off or maybe pack it all up for the weekend.

We recommend that you store the boxes that are already closed in a room that you use less. This way you will avoid the stress caused by the moving mess.

  1. Decluttering

It is difficult to “get rid” of one’s possessions and possessions. Make sure you only bring the items you really use with you.

Organization is the basis of everything! Make room. Make room for new items that might be useful in the new home.

Are there any clothes you no longer wear? Kitchen utensils, given to you by an elderly aunt, who you just don’t know how to use? Today you can sell a lot of things online. This way you will have with you only the items you really need.

Alternatively, you can always decide to donate the items you no longer use!

  1. Plants and flowers

If your current home is full of plants and flowers, you will surely want to take them with you. In this case we advise you to pay close attention to the transport of these objects.

Plants and flowers are the last things we recommend you put away during a move.

  1. Remember to number the boxes

During a move, everything can seem messy and unorganized. Organization is the key word!

Number the boxes, write in a few words what they contain, divide them into rooms.

In this way, when you are in the new house, you can decide to empty the boxes little by little.

  1. The furniture

Do you have furniture to take with you? In this case, unless they are small in size, we recommend that you get help from a transport company. They could be damaged during the move!

  1. What to do before the move

Once you have everything organized, and have all your belongings well packed, it is good to take into account the house you are leaving.

Take care of thoroughly cleaning all the rooms. Repaint the walls. Replace what’s been ruined.

If your new home is located in a historic center or an area that requires permits, remember to contact the Municipality. This way you will have everything organized for the moving day.

Another thing we recommend you do is to make sure that the new home is clean and ready for your move, so that you can put away the boxes and start emptying them right away.

  1. The day of the move

On the day of the move it is good to check that you have taken all the boxes and your belongings.

Double-check that you’ve brought everything that belongs to you with you.

As with the first phase of the move, we recommend that you store the boxes in an unused room. This will allow you to calmly empty your boxes and have a tidy home.

  1. After the move

After moving, it is good to organize what to do in the following days. Start by emptying the boxes that have inside items you can’t do without: clothes, kitchen utensils, bathroom items.

After that, get organized and start emptying the boxes based on the rooms in the new house. Do you remember that we advised you to number the boxes and write what was inside? This will make this step much easier.

  1. Once the move is finished

After emptying all the boxes you are finally home. Depending on the size of the house and the boxes, the move can take more or less time.

This is where you can decide if you need to buy new items for your home.

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