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Decluttering: how it works!

We often hear of decluterring. How does it work? How do you get started? "Decluttering" is an English term that means "to eliminate the superfluous", "to get rid of clutter". Through decluttering you get rid of everything you don't use, everything “extra”! According to some studies, this practice has positive implications also on a psychological level. Decluterring became famous thanks to the...

Move out

14 small steps to make a move

Do you need to move but you don't know where to start? Today we give you some useful little tips to organize your move in 14 small steps. Moving can be really stressful if you don't organize everything down to the smallest detail. Do not reduce yourself to the last minute, it is good to organize your time in the best possible way so that you have everything ready and in order before moving to your...

selling a house

Decluttering: come funziona?

Si sente spesso parlare di decluterring. Come funziona? Come si inizia? "Decluttering" è un termine inglese che vuol dire "eliminare il superfluo", "liberarsi degli ingombri". Tramite il decluttering ci si libera di tutto ciò che non si utilizza, tutto ciò che è "in più"! Secondo alcuni studi, questa pratica ha dei risvolti positivi anche a livello psicologico. Il decluterring è divenuto...

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