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The wonderful village of Collalto Sabino

The timeless village of Collalto Sabino is on the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy. With the project "La Sabina nel Cuore" we are working so that you can get to know all those small and large villages that characterize Sabina and that make our territory wonderful. What not to miss in Collalto Sabino The historical center The historic center is truly characteristic and full of...

7 castles in Sabina to visit

Our territory offers many interesting attractions, today we want to talk to you about castles in Sabina to visit. The “La Sabina nel Cuore” brand was born with the desire to make the Sabine territory, and all the wonders that characterize it, known locally, regionally and nationally. If you are looking for something to visit on beautiful summer days, we recommend that you read this article...


5 things to visit in Cottanello

Cottanello is a small village in the Sabina that is truly characteristic. If you are in Sabina you should dedicate a few hours to this beautiful village. As you well know, at La Sabina nel Cuore, we are lovers of our territory and we want you to discover all those villages that make Sabina a wonderful place. Despite being a small village, Cottanello will be able to steal your heart. What to...

Poggio Bustone

The wonders of Poggio Bustone

Poggio Bustone is a beautiful village in the upper Sabina which is located in the province of Rieti. At La Sabina nel Cuore we have decided to talk about this village because we believe it is truly characteristic. As you well know, we love our territory. Poggio Bustone is a village to be discovered, let's see together what you absolutely must not miss if you are nearby. The village The...

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