How to look for a house online

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Are you thinking of buying or renting a property but you don’t know whether to look for a house online?

Do you want to be sure you avoid scams and wasting time?

At Agenzia Immobiliare Sabina we have been in contact with our customers for more than 20 years. We have managed a lot of trades trying to satisfy both buyers and sellers 100%.

With the advent of new technologies, there is an increasing need to look for a house online before making an appointment or going to the agency.

Let’s see together how to look for a house online!

Find out about the area

When you decide to look for a house online, you should do a careful search and understand the location and the area where the property resides. Where do you want to look for a house? How is the neighborhood?

Do your research and find out about the area: supermarkets, schools, transportation. All this information can help you understand which area to look for a house online.

The portals

Since you have decided to look for a house online, it is good to inquire about the portals available to you:,, etc.

Each portal has a large amount of properties to offer and you can often find the same property on different sites. This is because real estate agencies establish relationships with different portals in order to be able to reach potential buyers.

At Agenzia Immobiliare Sabina we relate to many Italian and foreign portals.

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Beware of scams!

If you decide to look for a house online on unofficial sites, pay close attention to the people you relate to.

Do not make prepayments if you are not sure who you are “in front of”. Always try to make an appointment in person before making payments for a property.

Unfortunately, the scam is always around the corner!

how to look for a house

Compare ads

When you look for a house online, always try to compare the various ads, check the description of each property well and make a selection of 2/3 properties that seem to be right for you.

Narrowing the field will help you make a choice in the shortest time possible.

look for a house

Make an appointment!

Did looking for a house online help you find the right property? Make an appointment and see for yourself the selected properties.

Always try to make at least one appointment on site, in this way you will be able to decide if the property you want to buy / rent is right for you.

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