Nerola castle

The Nerola Castle

The Nerola Castle is a marvel that you must absolutely visit if you are in the surrounding area. Nerola is a very characteristic town of the Roman Sabina, about 40 km from the capital. At la Sabina nel Cuore we love our territory. We believe it is important to know the beauties that surround us. If you are in Nerola, we recommend that you take, first of all, a nice walk through the quaint old...

Rocca Sinibalda

Rocca Sinibalda Castle

The Rocca Sinibalda fortress is one of the largest fortresses in Lazio. As you well know, at La Sabina nel Cuore, we love our territory and we want to introduce you to the beauties of Sabina. The Rocca Sinibalda castle is absolutely worth a visit, if you are in the nearby. Initially, the Rocca Sinibalda fortress was erected, in 1080, for military purposes. The name of the village and the fortress...

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