The wonderful village of Casperia

Casperia is a small and wonderful village of Sabina that you absolutely must visit if you are in the nearby. With our project La Sabina nel Cuore we commit ourselves every day to communicate and advertise all those wonders that our Sabina has to offer. Casperia Casperia is a truly characteristic and famous village in central Italy. The well-kept historic center, the enhancement of tourism and...

buying and selling

Buying and selling: what you need to know if you’re thinking to buy or sell a property in Italy

We know that buying and selling a property is a long process and, sometimes, you could have doubts or questions about it. We want to help you with some information, hopefully it will look easier by the end of this document. The real estate agency: Normally, when someone decides to sell his house takes contact with a real estate agency. The work of a real estate agency is to assist and act as a...

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